Moon Bath

Earth integrated bathing rituals.

About Moon Bath

True wellness arises when we re-align ourselves with the rhythms and elements of nature. In an increasingly chaotic and over-stimulating world, Moon Bath’s bathing rituals inspire you to create space to slow down, tune in and reconnect.

Combining ancient wisdom with modern intuitive alchemy, Moon Bath curates earth integrated Botanical Bath Teas, Infused Sundance Sea Salt, Facial Rituals and Sacred Smoke aromatherapy.

Simple and natural, our products contain no synthetic chemicals or preservatives — because those don’t belong on our skin. The ethos of the modern bathing renaissance is to move beyond bathing as simply cleansing ourselves, and toward bathing as an opportunity to drink in through our skin the varied benefits of plant medicine.

We see the triple bottom line approach to business as an important way to make positive social and environmental change. Our initiatives include sustainable packaging, carbon neutrality, employment of underrepresented populations, and partnerships with socially and environmentally mission driven vendors. Moon Bath is also a proud member of 1% for the Planet, donating at least 1% of annual revenues to qualified environmental nonprofits committed to creating a healthy planet.

Inspired by living in alignment with the lunar cycles, we invite you to tune in to the rhythms of nature and create space to connect more deeply with yourself through Ayurvedic self-care rituals.

Women owned. Colorado made. Sustainably packaged.

Bathing Guide

Enhance your connection to the energy of the moon.

Moon Bath’s Lunar Blends are intentionally crafted Botanical Bath Teas that enhance your connection to the energy of the moon. All of the Lunar Blends promote healthy skin, healing and relaxation — but to receive the most potent energetic benefits, we encourage you to bathe weekly with the Bath Tea that corresponds to the current phase of the moon. The lunar cycle has four distinct moon phases:

The New Moon phase is the week during which the moon is invisible or appears as a slender crescent, the sky is dark and the stars shine bright.

The Waxing Moon phase is the week in which the New Moon builds toward the Full Moon, and more of the moon is visible each night.

The Full Moon phase is the week during which the moon is the most visible, the time in which the moon appears as a bright, round circle in the sky.

The Waning Moon phase is the week during which the Full Moon fades to the New Moon and less of the moon is visible each night.

We are honored to have collaborated with Reyna Noriega to create our Moon Bath 2021 Lunar Calendar. We designed this color-coded Calendar for you to easily track the phases of the moon and identify which Botanical Bath Tea to bathe with. The moon colors for each phase match the label on the front of your Bath Tea… making bathing with the phases of the moon second nature.

How To Take A Moon Bath

Cultivating clarity, vitality and balance for your whole being.