The Unity Collection 2022

The Unity Collection (2022)

Droppes 2.20.22 @ 8pm EST


To make into a coherent whole.

The Unity made its debut last year and ended up being one of our most sold collections of all times - selling completely out in less than 24 hours. It felt like everything we needed at the time and she proved us right in the end. This year, coming into February, I had a lot of uncertainty - or maybe insecurity - let’s actually throw a little imposter syndrome into the mix too. I mused and mused… and mused some more. My musing table ended up being a revolving space of curation chaos. And then I decided to listen.

I will never be a Hallmark holiday girl - not today and maybe not ever. So the idea of a traditional valentines collection was out the window again. But the Unity Collection kept presenting itself in familiar, and unfamiliar, ways. The universe, and our united frequency, wouldn’t let me move a way from 2021’s Unity collection, while giving me a fresh twist.

We need unity. More than anything. And the universe provided, per usual.

Unification starts with self. The reconciliation that leads to unification starts in our hearts and moves into the world. If we can’t reconcile with ourselves, we have no chance at unity with others.

The Unity Collection is here to, first, help bring ourselves into wholeness; to reconcile the broken or fractured parts of ourselves into the softness of belonging. Then, to draw others in with harmonized love, radical acceptance, and the hope filled healing of unification. It inspires and encourages us to move outward in bravery to connect and share our light with the world around us. It is here inspire connection, encourage radical acceptance, invite inner exploration, invoke wholeness, root us in unwavering love, and stimulate unity.

Pink Opal  | Rose Quartz  | Flower Agate | Amethyst | Lepidolite  | Agate | Pink Amethyst  | Peach Moonstone


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