The Sol Rising Collection

Sol Rising

The Sol Rising Collection not only mirrors the coloring of the sun rise, but also imbues the same energetic frequency. It is a collection the reflects the Sol (soul) rise in all of us. It is here to support us as we rise everyday, putting one foot in front of the other. To support us as we overcome and become. To ignite and to nurture our truest being. To keep us centered as we orbit our individual universes.The Sol Rising collection was curated to live together, in a sacred space in your home that is just yours or the place you go to recharge and regulate. It is rare that I curate a collection that is meant to stay together, but this collection is different. It has been curated to invoke feelings of inspiration, to encourage our individual Sol Rise, and to nourish and nurture. If you haven't created a sacred space for yourself in your home, let this inspire you to do so. Even if it's your bedside table, your side of the dresser, or a small space on the wall.

Rose Quartz | Sodalite | Red Jasper | Desert Jasper | Orange Banded Calcite | Mangano Calcite | Tangerine Quartz | Trolleite| Angelite

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