The Autumn Equinox Collection

Autumn Equinox

The earth shifts and changes, transforms and recreates - all without us. Without our permission and without our doing. She prepares for transitions slowly and rhythmically; she transitions intentionally. Prior to modern life, the people who came before us honored this. They prepared rhythmically and intentionally for the transition ahead. They walked in alignment with the earth. Fam, this happens without us but how incredible would it be to walk instep with the Earth’s perfect movement? To ground into alignment with inventible transitions versus fighting against it? This collection is the grounding tools we need to assist us in this work. It was curated to honor the beauty of transitions. To release what is no longer serving us. This is the season we collectively honor all that we have in our life and shift our consciousness from "one of lack" to "one of prosperity and gratitude" by creating a new set of rhythms or rituals by leaning into the tools that we have been given from the Creator to do so.

Agate | Black Opal | Noreena Jasper | Sardonyx | Citrine | Smokey Quartz | Ocean Jasper | Strawberry Quartz | Zebra Calcite

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