The Autumn Equinox Pocket Collection

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The Autumn Equinox Pocket Collection

Each collection is intuitively chosen and one of a kind! Due to the natural nature of crystals, each will vary slightly in color and size as sizing is based on weight.

Photos below show variation amongst boxes.

Includes four pocket stones: Ocean Jasper, Sardonyx, Smokey Quartz, and Agate.

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Ocean Jasper

Fluidity | Higher consciousness | Soothing | Happiness 

Ocean Jasper has the unique ability to create movement. This is the crystal of flow and grace; like the ocean, it encourages emotional, spiritual, and energetic movement. Friend, let’s spend some time letting go, allowing the things that we have no control over to move through us. Place this stone in a viable location in your home, or even in your bathroom or shower,  to remind you of the importance of letting go, surrendering, and the beauty in the ebb and flow of life.


Protection | Grounding | Surrender | Creativity  

Sardonyx can be traced back four thousand years to Ancient Egypt. For most of its history, this stone has been used to create cameos and intaglios. In today’s modern times, we use this stone as a powerfully grounding and protective tool. Sardonyx also serves us in the process of surrender; surrendering to the things we don’t have control over by washing away the desire to cling to things that no longer serve us. Sardonyx has a captivating pattern of swirled colors. As you look at this stone, study the movement of these colors. Nothing is forced; the colors simply move together, swirled by creation. There is so much beauty in the flow. Hold your stone in your hand and repeat this mantra: “I consciously let go of attachments and I immerse myself in the creative flow that surrounds me.”

Smokey Quartz

Negativity | Grounding | Transformation | Cleansing 

In addition to the more generic, powerful properties of Quartz, Smokey Quartz is an excellent grounding stone. It pulls in many properties of Quartz but puts a little spin on it.  This Crystal gently neutralises negative vibrations and is detoxifying on all levels, including protection against radiation and electromagnetic smog.  Smokey Quartz disperses fear and lifts depression and negativity.  It brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety.  Smokey Quartz would love to live in your living room or center of your home.


Stabilizing | Clarity | Strength | Courage 

Agate is known as the stabilizer stone; it is the stone we call on for support when we need stability and grounding in our life. Being a part of the Quartz family, Agate brings clarity to difficult situations and relationships while its beautiful banding encourages us to remain grounded in our personal truth.  The variety of chalcedony bands also helps to enhance our feelings of stability, which can be incredibly balancing if we are caught in a cycle of worry and overthinking. It works by connecting us with the gentle vibrations of the Earth, making it a gentle stone with a light, diffused energy.


Both physically and energetically cleaned, each crystal is washed with a sage and palo santo infused soap. During this process, the energy is also cleansed using reiki and other energy work.


After they are washed, each crystal is cleared in turn with smoke from sage and palo santo. From here, a second round of energy work is applied.


We use sunlight, moonlight, sound, and selenite to get each crystal baby charged and ready for its new home.


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