Intuitively Chosen Sol Rising Massage Wand Trio w/ Selenite Bowl

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Each trio is intuitively chosen and one of a kind! Due to the natural nature of crystals, each will vary slightly in color and size as sizing is based on weight.

Includes three massage wands and a x-small Selenite Bowl: Rose Quartz, Sodalite, and Angelite.

Massage wands are amazing for sinus relief, temple and headache relief and other pressure points. Gentle use ends to rub into desired area.

Selenite bowl is great for storing and charging the crystal massage wands between use.

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Rose Quartz

Love | Compassion | Forgiveness | Expansion

The soft, candy coloring of Rose Quartz draws us in immediately, but that is just the tip of this stone's magic. It is legendary for its ability to bring love into any space, to move heavy dark feelings out of the way, and to make room for forgiveness, compassion, and understanding - especially in regards to self. Having Rose Quartz sprinkled all over your home is the perfect invitation to invite love in. It’s the gentle reminder that you are loved and that your home is a sanctuary where love lives.   


Intellect | Truth | Intuition | Clarity

There is a Sioux proverb that says, “The longest journey we will ever make is from our head to our heart.” And that is the most perfect use for Sodalite there is - to get us from our head to our heart. Sodalite brings order and calmness to the mind and moves this energy through us, into our hearts.  It encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth, and intuition, along with verbalization of feelings. Essentially, it takes difficult intellect and turns it into soft, heart-centered emotion. Hold your Sodalite in your hand and visualize the journey of emotions moving from your head and put through your heart.



Higher-consciousness | Intuition | Expansion | Self Expression  

Angelite is a crystal that feels like a lullaby of light and love, with energy that helps us to leap into our higher consciousness. This crystal has a soft, silky, vibrational frequency that gently pulls away any blockages that might be keeping us from our authentic light and our connected inner truth. Angelite guides us towards personal and universal expansion by creating and holding ground space. Sometimes growth can feel overwhelming, but this periwinkle crystal will help to soothe any of those feelings.


Clearing | Charging | Amplifying | Calming

Selenite is a stone that belongs in everybody’s collection because of how powerful and versatile it is. It gets its name from the Greek Goddess of the moon, Selene, and it brings a lunar energy with it. Selenite charges other crystals in the same way that the moon does. It also turns negative energy into negative ions - more times the amount than a plant its size produces. These negative ions help to relieve stress and negative emotions while boosting our serotonin and overall daytime energy. Keep your Selenite next to your bed and by your front door to enhance vibrations and protect against negative energy.

** Selenite is a beautiful crystal with many variations in its surface.  This can include small lines, crevices, creases, pockets, and grooves.  None of these affect the integrity of your crystal, they just add to unique, magical beauty of the stone. We try to photo multiple items to show these unique characteristics, however, each stone is unique and will vary in its appearances. 


Both physically and energetically cleaned, each crystal is washed with a sage and palo santo infused soap. During this process, the energy is also cleansed using reiki and other energy work.


After they are washed, each crystal is cleared in turn with smoke from sage and palo santo. From here, a second round of energy work is applied.


We use sunlight, moonlight, sound, and selenite to get each crystal baby charged and ready for its new home.


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