Smokey Quartz

Negativity • Grounding • Transformation • Cleansing

In addition to the more generic powerful properties of Quartz, Smokey Quartz is an excellent grounding stone, it pulls in many of the properties of quartz but puts a little spin on it. It gently neutralises negative vibrations and is detoxifying on all levels, including protection against radiation and electromagnetic smog. Smokey Quartz disperses fear, lifts depression and negativity. It brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety. Smokey Quartz would love to live in your living room or center of your home.

Smokey Quartz for Little’s: Have you ever felt yucky? Maybe in your body? Or maybe you have had yucky feelings? Grownups sometimes call it negativity- have you heard that word? Smokey Quartz is like a superhero for getting rid of negativity, and replacing it with calm feelings, basically takes out the trash and leaves the good stuff. If you’re having a yucky day sit with your smokey Quartz held up to the sunshine and look for rainbows in your crystal. I think it’ll make you feel better!

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XL Smokey Towers
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