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Selenite is a stone that belongs in everybody’s collection because of how powerful and versatile it is. It gets its name from the Greek Goddess of the moon Selene and it brings a lunar energy with it. Selenite charges other crystals like the moon does. It also turns negative electromagnetic and emotional energy into negative ions- more times the amount that a plant it’s size produces. Keep your selenite next to your bed and by your front door to enhance vibrations and protect against negative energy.

Selenite for Littles: Selenite got its name from a Greek goddess named Selene, who the ancient Greeks said was the goddess of the moon. The moon charges our crystals and gives them new energy and gets rid of any yucky feelings they picked up. Well, selenite does the same thing! It charges other crystals and gives them energy and it takes away yucky energy. But this super amazing crystal will also do that for you too! It’ll charge up your powers at night and take yucky feels and produce something called negative ions- have a grown research that with you! Put your selenite tower under your bed or on the table next to your bed if you have one.

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