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Pyrite is the Maker of Magic, and you can feel it when you hold it in your hands. It is also the bringer of creative energy and bright, bold confidence. We are free to create our own brand of magic. And pyrite is going to help us do it. Slip your pyrite in your pocket for that extra dose of magic or place it in your creative or work space to bring your brand of magic forward.

Pyrite for Littles: Pyrite has another name, Fools Gold- because it kind of looks like gold! This is a lucky stone to have because it makes the magic in you a little bit stronger. Spend some time polishing your lucky stone with a dry cloth, and think about the magical parts of yourself while you’re doing it. Are you very kind? Are you very funny? Are you very fast? You have a lot of magic inside of you that only lives in you. Tell your pyrite what it is!

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