Fire Quartz

Amplify • Cleansing • Grounding • Transformation

Fire Quartz is clear quartz with inclusions of hematite that give it its red, pink and orange hue. The combination of these two stones provides a yin and yang of both. The grounding and cleansing properties of clear quartz met with the amplifying and transformational properties of hematite bring together the ability to clear out the heavy junk while keeping us balanced. It is okay to feel the heavy and it’s okay to put it down. This is a great stone for those of us who feel like we have to be strong all the time. Let the inclusion of these two stones remind you that soft and strong can live together in harmony.

Fire quartz Little’s. Fire Quartz is a really special and pretty rare type of quartz, because it has two types of crystals in it, Hematite and Quartz which make it double powerful. This crystal is really great to use when we get super angry and have a hard time letting those angry feelings go. Hold your fire quartz tightly in your hands and say “I have control over my feelings” four times.

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