Clear Quartz

Clarity • Connection • Amplification • Transformation

Since the beginning of time Clear Quartz has been revered for its magical properties and our modern lives still rely on its magic to run things like clocks, iPhones and computers. Little tiny rainbow pieces of magic are used to conduct and transfer electricity. To amplify and move energy. We are drawn to these natural prisms filled with sparkles and rainbows because they quite literally transmit energy. Use this magical stone to remind you that you too have the power to shift energy, conduct good vibes and move towards higher consciousness. Let your intuition guide you on placement, it knows exactly where to put your stone

Clear Quartz For Littles: For a very long time clear quartz has been thought of as a very powerful crystal because it has the ability to transmit energy- in our computers and phones there are tiny tiny pieces of clear quartz making them work! Need some extra super powers? Grab hold of your clear quartz and think powerful thoughts. You can do this!

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