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Citrine feels like sunshine encapsulated in a crystal, when we hold it in our hands we can feel that supercharged vibration radiating through our entire bodies. It’s like citrine knows our wildest dreams, our biggest goals and whispers “you’ve got this” to our souls. We do have this. Our Creator made us with greatness in mind. The universe fully supports our ambitions and desires. And citrine is our pocket sized cheerleader. Note: the very vast majority of citrine on the market is heat treated amethyst. The high heat changes color and it’s vibrational pattern. Holding citrine and amethyst you can feel the difference. How cool is the earth?

Citrine for Little’s: Some people say citrine is like having a little bit of super charged sunshine in your pocket that can help us do hard and scary things! What do you think? Why don’t we try it out? Do you have some toys that need to be cleaned up? Break up your job into equal parts. Set a timer and do the first part without having citrine in your pocket. Then clear the timer and do the second part with citrine in your pocket. Was it faster? Not only can citrine help us achieve our goals but it can also help us feel happy, like we’ve been filled with sunshine when we are sad. See, a super charged crystal!

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