Chocolate Calcite

Harmony • Balance • Space Holding • Transformation

Chocolate Calcite is an anchoring and foundational piece to any collection. It will help to guide us into rhythmic change, with grounded certainty by encouraging us to let go of toxic behavior patterns and establishing healthy, balanced systems in its place. Chocolate Calcite reminds us in order to live in harmony with others we need to live in harmony with ourselves. Grab hold of your Chocolate Calcite and create space for yourself first- and once you do you’ll have plenty for others.

Chocolate Calcite for Littles: Chocolate Calcite might not be the prettiest or most sparkly crystal in your growing collection, but it might just be strongest! Especially when it comes to getting along with other people, but even more importantly getting along with ourself. Have you ever been mad at yourself? And then maybe you got mad at somebody else because you were so mad at yourself? That happens everybody and it feels pretty yuck, huh? This special stone helps us all let go of those hard feelings. Hold your chocolate Calcite in your hands and say “I am super great and I love myself exactly how I am because I am super great!” a bunch of times- it’s true. You were born super great!

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