Black Tourmaline

Protection • Absorbing • Cleansing • Calming

Black Tourmaline is an energetic body guard. It fiercely protects against negative energy but also absorbs electromagnetic energy such as emf and radiation. It is a guard dog in your home, vehicle, and office. This is the most powerful protective stone there is but it is also very very grounding- especially for children. Place it around your home, car and office to benefit from it’s relentless protective vibrations.

Black Tourmaline for Littles: Black Tourmaline is very, very powerful protecting crystal. It will protect you from bad feelings, bad dreams, bad energy. Not only does it protect us but it also absorbs bad energy so we don’t have to absorb it ourselves. Some people love to keep black tourmaline right by their door to block the energy from coming into their room... try it and see if it works!

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