Confidence • Optimism • Manifestation • Harmony

Aventurine is a fun loving stone that also brings some power with it. It’s great for boosting vibes and bringing harmony to a person or space, but it also encourages manifestation and high levels of confidence. And because feng shui tells us our money corner or abundance/manifestation area of the home is the back left corner (when standing in the entryway facing the back of home) that’s wear my aventurine goes, however you can put it where ever you feel called or keep it in your purse.

Aventurine for Littles: Aventurine is a crystal we use when we are having a hard time with our feelings. Sometimes our mood can control our whole day and it isn’t always a good thing. Have you ever been in a bad mood all day? Try holding your Amazonite in your hands and thinking about the happiest thing you can think of.

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