The Abundance Collection 2022

The Abundance Collection (2022)

Droppes 3.13.22 @ 8pm EST

In March we will dive into the alchemy of abundance by using our tools to remove our blocks against it. We were created, in perfect design, for the harvest of life. We were made for more, and often our self limiting beliefs around success and money are constructed by feelings of worthiness.

The journey of unpacking the limits we’ve created for ourselves around abundance and spinning into beautiful, self generated magic. The Abundance Collection was curated one crystal at a time to invoke feelings of alignment, individual success, and prosperity. It is pure energetic, vibrational alchemy in crystal form and it is powerful.

Welcome to abundance, Alabaster Fam.... let’s do this!

Zebra Calcite  | Citrine  | Prehnite | Pyrite | Malachite  | Moss Agate


4 products

4 products