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wild | alabaster is a fair trade, small collection curated crystal shop that offers in store and online crystal shopping- plus a monthly crystal drop. one of our core values is to offer affordable pricing because we believe everybody should have access to earthy magic. every crystal is hand selected, cleared and cleansed using a combination of methods including reiki, moonbathing, sun baths, smoke, sound vibration and essential oil cleansing. 

how we got here


We are a recently founded company with a mission to bring crystals into our modern lifestyle in a way that is affordable, inspirational and sustainable. We believe that everybody should have access to the earth’s magical properties no matter what your background is or your desired use.  When I started using crystals I got a lot of side eye action- be it from people who thought I had really gone overboard with my hippie ways and by the crystals community who thought I wasn’t out there enough.... None of that felt right to me. I don’t believe you need to be a certain type of person to use crystals and have them in your home. I believe crystals and their beauty and magic belong to everybody. 


Rachael James


Welcome to Wild | Alabaster. A different way to buy crystals. You belong here. The world needs your brand of magic.

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